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Professor Glockenbuchundkertzen's
Trickonometry Lernpause

Professor Glockenbuchundkertzen's Trickonometry Lernpause is the school show from Magie365.

It’s ideal for school kids who have learnt the basics of English and would like to see the language in action in an entertaining way.

Suited ideally to a classroom environment and like all of Magie365’s shows; it’s flexible in length and price.
The show is tailored to the audience ability range and age group.

To book the show, contact me giving the following information:

  • the date you wish to have the show:
  • Location:
  • Time:
  • Duration:
  • Number of guests:
  • Your full contact Info:

I’ll then contact you on your private number and we’ll chat about your arrangements for the event.
I’ll go away, create an exclusive show based on your requirements, get back to you with this information and when you’re happy, we then finalise my contribution to your event.

After agreeing on the details all I ask is, that if anything should change, that you inform me at the first available opportunity.

I’ll contact you one week from the date of the show to confirm that all is well and none of the details have changed.
On the day of the show I’ll arrive promptly, ready to set up and perform.

CLICK to choose your date today…


I offer you...

 performances - in German and English - for all occasions

 special program versions for all age groups

 flexible performance lengths to match your requirements (split performance segments also available)

 an easy system for bookings

 "magical" help in selling your product, putting over your message or showing your organisation in the best possible light.

 prices specially tailored to your personal requirements

A magical surprise

If you are likely, in the next 12 months to need entertainment for any function ...

Book today ...

The Comical Magician
Unique in Germany

Contact me through eMail or write to me at the address below.

Please include in all correspondence :

Full contact Information:
Date, Location and Start time of the Performance:
Length of Show:
Number of Guests:


Colin Bierton
Idea- and Performance Office
Professor Glockenbuchundkertzen's Trickonometry Lernpause
Südstrasse 4
48485 Neuenkirchen

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