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Welcome to my 'side' within the Magie365 Homepage.

My name is Colin Bierton.
Early photo

My Stage Names are
Alexander Howard
Felix D'Witzbold.
(German for 'Felix the Joker')
Professor Glockenbuchundkertzen

I've been interested in Conjuring and Comedy since a young boy.

I was born in England and spent the early years of my life around the town of Tring in the county of Hertfordshire.

(See a map)
Yes, Tring does exist, and here's a picture of it's Town Boundry Shild
Picture of Books My first book on magic was 'The Puffin Book of Magic' purchased in my primary school (at about 8 years old) in Long Marston.

Comedy comes a little more naturally to me.

Following close behind, when I was about 10 years old, a copy of Jean Hugard's 'The Royal Road to Card Magic' expanded my interest and I began, at about 12 years, to perform regularly - a kind of magic that today is known as 'close up' card magic - for my friends at Tring Secondary School.
At the age of 15, I became a member of the Aylesbury Magic Club.
Aylesbury being over 7 miles (13 km) from my home village, with a sparse evening bus service, meant that sometimes after the meetings, I had to walk and try to hitch a lift home, returning well after midnight.
Today I'm proud to be an honorary member of the club.
Picture of Aylesbury
When I was 16 years old my family moved to a small village south of Lincoln.

Lincoln's Coat of Arms
RCT badge I joined the British Army in 1983 and moved to Münster, Germany in 1984 as a Driver in the Royal Corps of Transport, known today as 'The Adjutant General's Corps'.

As I pursued my career in the army and although my performances reduced, my interest in reading about magic remained. I collected together a small, but useful library which helped to maintain a fresh appearance to my occasional shows.
One memorable performance being for a 'Review' at the Junior Leader RCT's Training Regiment in front of my peers.

I married in 1988 and settled in Münster, in the province of Nordrhein Westfalen, as a civilian in the Summer of 1990.


Picture of Münster, Prinzipalmarkt
Moving later north to Neuenkirchen, by Rheine, in the spring of 2006.

Working first as an insurance agent for the English Forces, I later returned to driving, this time busses, in 1992.


After a couple of years of 'Touring' throughout Europe, I started to work for - Westfalen Bus GmbH - as a 'Bus Pilot' in 1995. WB Sign

My present employer, since February 2018, is

MZvD Logo During the first couple of years on the 'German net' I joined the Osnabruck Ring of the German Magic Circle (MZvD) and The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.), an American based global magic club.
I.B.M. Sign   
I also increased my 'knowledge base' by subscribing to a number of magic magazines and more recently computer based information and newsletters to do with magic and entertaining.

In February 2000 I became
one of the founding members of the Magic Circle of Münster.

See 'The Links' on the Contacts and Information Page.


Now the interesting part …
Having spent my time learning the German language, I am now in the position to start to perform for German audiences …

This 'Homepage' is my way of telling the potential bookers that
I exist …

As a visitor to my Homepage, even if you don't require an entertainer at present …

You may in the future …

Or you may know of someone who, at present, does.

If so ...
Please pass my information on to them and ask them to contact me!

Also please Bookmark this Web Address and inform your friends about it.
Support Live Theater!
Thank you.

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